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Two Unique Roofing Styles and Their Advantages and Disadvantages

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Choosing the roofing style is a very critical decision that you have to make when you are building your new home. Our roofs are there to protect us from the harsh environment like sunlight, rain, and snow. Aside from its utility function, our roofs also dictate the shape and structure of our house. 

The choosing our roofing style, however, is a very tricky task. There are the usual roofing styles like the Gable, Hip, Flat, Mansard, or Gambrel Roofs. If you want those styles, then go ahead; but if you prefer to be a little different, there are other options as well. To give you an idea of being a little different, here is Two Unique Roofing Styles and Their Advantages and Disadvantages. 

 Roofing Styles

Skillion Roof 

Skillion roof is one of the unique roofing styles that is beginning to be used today. It is characterized as having only one roof or side; the roof would be slanted, and the higher part is connected to a higher wall of the house. Because of this structure, the skillion roof is also called as an angled flat roof, lean-to or a shed roof. 


The main advantage of skillion roofing is that it doesn’t require elaborate designing and it only needs fewer materials than the commonly used ones. Another advantage of this roofing is that the sloping structure would easily dispose of snow and rain water. Because skillion roof is unique, they will give off that extra aesthetic aura. If you want this kind of roof, click and visit website. 


The disadvantage of skillion roofing is that because its slope is only sloping to one side, your interiors will have an imbalance look and it will also limit your space on one side. It is also not ideal to be utilized in areas that receive strong winds. 

Butterfly Roof 

Like the skillion roof, the butterfly roof one of the newly rising types of roof that are used by this generation. The butterfly roof is characterized by having two roof sides, which are angled into a letter ‘V’ position, giving an effect of butterfly wings that are in flight.  


The butterfly roof has many advantages; for one, the structure allows a larger space in the walls of your house, which enables you to build bigger windows to allow more light and air to come in. Another advantage is that the low, middle portion of the roof makes it an excellent instrument to stream in rain water and with the addition of a downspout, you can collect the water and use it for your lawn and garden.  

The two sides of the V of your roof is also excellent for the installation of solar panels. Overall, the butterfly roof is an eco-friendly roofing style, and it will save you a lot of money from bills. 


The disadvantage of having butterfly roofing is that it is very expensive to install, and it requires you to elaborately design your house. Additionally, the water drainage system of the house needs to be regularly checked or maintained; clogging in this type of roof would create water pools and would weaken its foundations. 

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How Frequently Does Commercial Carpet Cleaning Need to Be Completed?  

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Carpet flooring can really cost too much money, most especially if your commercial carpet has a huge floor to cover. This is the reason why carpets are definitely one of the most important investments that people want to protect and care for as much as possible. As a matter of fact, regular and professional commercial carpet cleaning service is considered as one of the besting ways that you can do in order to make sure that your carpet flooring is protected at all times. Most of the time, people only ask the assistance of a professional and knowledgeable commercial carpet cleaner when they already see that their carpet is visibly soiled. But, in a lot of cases, there are already damages on your carpet flooring by the time that it’s visibly soiled, which means it’s already too late for you to save your carpet flooring.  

Carpet Cleaning

Fortunately, a professional and regular carpet cleaning service can be able to help in preventing dirt from accumulating in the fibers of your carpet. Aside from that, it can also help in freshening up your commercial carpet, making it really important to make sure that your carpets are properly maintained. Furthermore, a regular carpet cleaning can also help in preserving your carpet, thus, extending its lifespan. But, if you decide to the carpet cleaning job on your own or ask a friend or someone who is not experienced in this field do the cleaning job for you, chances are that any of these situations can only end up causing more damage to your carpeting and might only cost you too much in the long run.  

How Frequent Should Professional Carpet Cleaning be Done?  

Everything that can accumulate in your carpet flooring can possibly ruin its appearance as well as create damage to it, which can shorten the life of your carpet. Aside from that, if your carpet flooring is not cleaned for a long period of time, it might also start to have a stale odor and this is the last thing that you want to happen on your property. As a business owner, all you want is to make sure that your office or commercial building is well taken care of since clients and customers will possibly look at your commercial building to judge your brand or company. This is the reason why it’s very important that you hire a professional and experienced carpet cleaning service provider in a regular manner so you can ensure that your carpeting will be preserved for a longer period of time. Furthermore, if you start to see any of the following in your commercial carpet flooring, then you’ll need to have it professionally cleaned at least every 4 to 6 months:  

  1. Accumulation of fine grit and dirt.
  2. Accumulation of winter salt from the parking lots and walk ways.
  3. Sand that comes from the outdoor.
  4. Residual oil that comes from car exhaust and factories.
  5. Chemical used in manufacturing grass and plants.

If you notice these things in your carpet flooring, make sure that you call the experts right away for quality carpet cleaning service.  

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